4 Piece Dressmaker Measuring Tape Set 150cm
This 4 piece dressmaker measuring tape set includes all you need for sewing, craft and tailoring tasks.  4pc 3 x Tapes 1 x Wind-Up Tape In Case 150cm With assorted metrics and sizes, each tape is 150cm in length for...
£38.00 £1.99
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200 Piece Pearlized Pins
The DID Pearlized Pins Set includes 5 wheels of 40 pins.. With assorted coloured pearls, these headed designs are a stylish addition to your sewing box. Ideal for adding an element of colour to sewing and embroidery projects, the Pearlized...
£8.99 £2.50
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8.5" Dressmaking Scissor
The Prima Dress Making Scissors are made with precision stainless steel blades and an enduring firm construction for cutting a variety of materials.  8.5" Precision Stainless Steel Extremely Sharp Blades Enduring Firm Construction Beautiful Shape ABS Handle
£20.00 £12.00
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31 Piece Assorted Sewing Tool Set
This 31 piece Kit by DID contains a variety of sewing essentials, e.g. threads in a range of colours, buttons, measuring tape, scissors and sewing needles. 31pc Kit 22 X Sewing Thread Assorted Colours Tape Measure Scissors 4 X Buttons Assorted Sewing Needles Great for...
£10.00 £3.50
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'Joan Dress' Sewing Pattern- Sew Over It
Based on the wardrobe of Mad Men’s iconic Joan Holloway, the Joan Dress should be a staple in the wardrobe of any vintage lover. A fitted bodice and skirt gives the dress a sassy, feminine feel that the real Joan herself...
£18.00 £11.99
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Soft & Bright Needled Polyester Batting Warm & Natural Made With Care
Soft and Bright needled polyester batting undergoes the same manufacturing process that makes warm and natural the world's leading cotton batting. Size: 22.5" x 18" Approximately Features: Will not separate or bunch - Optically bright polyester fibers are needlepunch into...
£10.00 £2.99
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Warm Blend Perfect Blended Batting for Quilting Crafting Wearable Arts
The perfect blended batting for quilts, crafts & wearable artsPure white, warm cotton fibers are blended with pillow-soft, polyester fibers giving quilters the best of both worlds. Quilted lines and designs are highlighted as stitches sink deep achieving lofty dimension...
£5.00 £1.99
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Craft Central 4 Piece Hemming Set
This Hemming Tape bundle is quick and easy to use, and includes a tape measure to help carry out hemming, facing and mending tasks. 3x7m Tape 1.5m Tape Measure 1 X Tape Measure Ideal for sewing, knitting and haberdashery suppliers,...
£6.99 £2.50
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Warm Tater 100% Natural Cotton Insulator for Microwave & Kitchen Projects
This quick, simple & practical project is a great gift item! Amaze your friends and treat yourself! Size: 22.5" x 18" Approximately Potato Bags are all the rage and the Warm Company has the right batting for all your microwave...
£10.00 £2.99
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Bend It Yoga Rope 2-in-1 Strap & Sling Features Adjustable 100% Cotton
An essential prop to get the most out of your yoga routine, these ropes can benefit both the newbie and experienced yogi alike! The 'Bend it' rope provides the extra reach and secure hold needed for you to take your...
£12.00 £6.00
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2 Metres Curtain Wire With Hook & Eye Fitting
This Curtain Wire bundle by Sewing Box includes hook and eye fittings as well as 2 metres of curtain wire to hang curtains and nets the traditional way.  2m With Hook Eye Fittings Flexible White-Coated Easy To Cut To Size Easy...
£8.99 £2.99
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